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Available with Fabric GD-Y95-8 (Brown)

Dimensions 310x285x80 cm

Available with Fabric YF-301E (Black)

Dimensions 307x158x80 cm

Available with fabric Nasco (Beige)

Dimensions 370x254x80 cm

Available with Fabric Nasco 99(Dark Grey-Black) & 53 (Brown)

Dimensions 306x330x80 cm

Available with fabric YF-301 (Black)

Dimensions 271x344x80 cm

Available with Pvc leather Black

Dimensions 306x184x80 cm

Available with Fabric YF-301E(Black)

Dimensions 311x200x80 cm

Available by order at any size & any fabric

Dimensions 300x300x90 cm

Available at any size & Fabric

Dimensions 270x160x80 cm

Available with fabric Polo (Green Colour)

Dimensions 300x300x90 cm

Availble in any size & fabric

Dimensions 300x300x90 cm

Available in any size & fabric

Dimensions 300x300x80 cm

Available with fabric Hannah and at any other after order

Dimensions 300x300x90 cm

 Corner Sofa Bed. Available with Fabric Nasco 53 (Brown) & SP 2901-24(Dark Grey - Blue)

Dimensions 303x210x80 cm